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Our Works

Since its inception in 1993, Data International Ltd. has been conducting studies and surveys in areas ranging from business and trade, energy, education, to health, governance and poverty related issues. Many of its activities have been large-scale nationwide surveys. Of the more than 140 assignments completed, a considerable number of them involved impact assessment effort through mid-term or endline quantitative and qualitative surveys. A few examples of DI’s ongoing or completed assignments: American Institute for Research’s (AIR), USA baseline study on “Impact Evaluation of Save the Children Parent Education and Support Program” (2013-15); USAID/Development & Training Services, Inc.’s (dTS), USA “Evaluation of Selected SHOUHARDO and JoJ Program Sites” (2014); TAF’s “Endline Study on Community-Based Policing” (2013); USAID and TAF’s “Strengthening Democratic Local Governance Project” (SDLG) (2012-13); USAID/ Tetra Tech ARD, USA’s “Midterm Evaluation of the Strengthening Democratic Local Governance Project” (2012-2013); and World Bank’s “A Review of the Expanded Block Grants (EBGs) of Union Parishads” (2010-11).

DI has conducted a number of studies in the health sector. These include a hospital cost analysis, an unofficial payments study, an expenditure review, a study on the cost recovery potential for public hospitals, a revenue and expenditure review of private clinics, a study on the earnings of physicians involved in private practice, a facility efficiency study, and others. As the lead contractor, Data International was responsible for developing the first second and third National Health Accounts for Bangladesh and is currently in the working on the Fourth Round of NHA (NHA4). In association with the Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka, DI was also responsible for carrying out a comparative study on equity in the health systems of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal.