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Project Title

Women in Bangladesh: A Situational Analysis


Project Detail:

The socio-economic status of women in Bangladesh was reviewed under this study. Trends in this area – both absolute and relative (to men) – were studied and evaluated. Areas where women could play a more substantial and meaningful role were also identified.

List of Governance and Poverty Projects

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Endline Study on Community-Based Policing2013
Midterm Evaluation of the Strengthening Democratic Local Governance Project2013
UK Cultural Relationship Survey2012
Rural Infrastructure Survey; Local Governance Support Project (LGSP)2012
Monitoring and Impact Assessment of Local and Regional Food Aid Procurement2011
Strengthening Democratic Local Governance (SDLG) Program Baseline Study Survey2011
A Review of the Expanded Block Grants (EBGs) of Union Parishads2011
Bangladesh Leaders of Influence (LOI) End-of-Project Perception Survey2010
Knowledge, Attitude and Practices on Climate Change: Young Urban Professionals and Students2010
Citizens’ Perception Survey on Public Financial Management and Service Delivery2010
An Assessment of Selected MDG Indicators2010
The Youth of Stateless Communities in Bangladesh: Demographic and Economic Status; Aspirations and Attitudes2010
Arsenic Awareness Survey2009
Bi-Monthly Political Perception Survey2008
The Youth of Bangladesh: Demographic and Economic Status; Aspirations and Attitudes2009
City Corporation Impact Study2008
Leaders of Influence (LOI) Study2008
Evaluation of Deep Tubewells in Bangladesh2008
Legal Empowerment for Women and Disadvantaged Groups2007
Democracy in Bangladesh: A Survey of the Bangladeshi Electorate2006
Evaluation of Five Components of the Good Governance Small Projects Scheme2000
Democracy in Bangladesh: A Survey of the Bangladeshi Electorate2006
Baseline Household and Health, Hygiene and Nutrition Survey for CARE-SHOUHARDO Program2006
The Employment Situation of Female Workers in Chittagong City1999
Conditions Affecting Children in Especially Difficult Circumstances in Rural Bangladesh: Findings from a Survey1994
Job Opportunities for Women in the Hospitality and Travel Trades of Bangladesh1993
A Survey on Women Entrepreneurship in Bangladesh1993
Women in Bangladesh: A Situational Analysis1993
Local Governance Support Project II (LGSP II): Effectiveness of Union Parishads in Addressing Local Priorities2014