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What We Do

Data International Ltd. (DI) was established in 1993 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to provide multi-disciplinary consultancy services. Since inception, DI has successfully completed over one hundred assignments in the areas of education, poverty, gender issues, trade and industry, health economics, including several sector-related studies. DI has conducted extensive primary and secondary data collection and analysis in education, health, industry and trade, gender issues and others. These include nationwide surveys in the education, health and the manufacturing sectors. The firm assists national and international organizations with office support, local knowledge and local consultants for the purpose of designing and implementing projects. Aside from its head office in Dhaka city,

Tailoring its services to meet the special needs of specific clients is one of the many positive aspects of Data International (DI). It is the client’s objectives that determine the methods that are followed – not the firm’s preferences. DI consistently provides individual attention to the objectives and the requirements of each client. The project teams of Data International have, at times, featured not only economists, statisticians and financial, management analysts from the company’s core staff, but also specialized consultants recruited to address the particular needs of the clients.